Dates for Dog Lovers

Dates for Dog Lovers

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If you think your dog is a good judge of character, perhaps you should consider taking him with you on your next date. Who would be better qualified to check out a potential mate than your furry best friend? You may want to introduce your pooch to your date to get a better sense of whether your date will be compatible, or simply to add a dimension of fun to your outing. Observe how your date treats your pet. Is your date allergic to dogs? You may want to move on. Does your date cringe when your wet-nosed pal comes too close? Is he patient when your muddy pup paws his trousers? If you find someone who loves you and loves your dog, you may have a match made in doggie heaven. Here are a few outings that are well suited for dates with your dog.


The Beach

A trip to the beach can be a perfect way to introduce your dog to your date. The two of you can play with the pup on the sand and cool off together in the water. Interacting with the dog can give you common ground and give you a better sense of your date. Is she playful and adventurous or quiet and reserved? Is he squeamish when presented a soaking wet dog shakes lake water all over him? Read the signs before you let your dog on the sand since many beaches don't allow pets.



Find an off-leash trail for your dog and bask in the sunshine with your date. Explore new terrain with your canine pal while you get to know your new human friend. Don't forget to stay on the trail. Leaving the path may mean poison ivy for you or a burrs and foxtail for your furry friend.


Dog Park

Take your dog to the dog park and grab a bench. You and your date can relax with a picnic while your pet gets plenty of exercise. Remember to keep an eye on your dog. even while you listen intently to your date. If your pet fights with another dog, observe your date's reaction. Does he try to help? Is he protective of you? The way your date responds may give you insight to his character.


Double Dates

If your partner has a pet of her own, you may want to consider a double date with the pooches. It may be best to have the dogs meet on neutral territory, such as at a dog park or on a beach. Bringing one dog into the other's home can encourage aggressive behaviors. Give them plenty of open space to meet and get accustomed to each other. If you are lucky, your dog will have a new friend and you will have a match.


If you want to keep your pets and progress in your relationship, pay attention to how your date treats her dog. If she treats it like a human and treats you like a dog, you may want to re-think your relationship. If she treats both of you like gold, you may have found a compassionate partner to share in all your adventures.

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