Dazzling DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

Dazzling DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

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Thanks to websites like Pinterest, Etsy, and We Heart It, "do-it-yourself" projects are growing in popularity. Though there are thousands of DIY craft tutorials available online, many of these projects are too complex or kitschy to be regarded as good holiday gift ideas.

These four DIY projects, however, are the best of the bunch. Your family and friends are sure to love these unique and creative homemade presents.





If a man's got to wash his hands, he ought to at least enjoy it! This Jack Daniel's soap dispenser is as cool as a bathroom accessory can get. This DIY gift is incredibly easy to make as well!


You will need:

- a bottle of Jack Daniel's

- a large bottle of liquid soap or, alternatively, a soap pump with a thread size of 28/400

- amber-colored liquid soap (optional)


Nothing could be easier than making this gift! Simply buy a bottle of Jack Daniel's Whiskey. Drink the alcohol or transfer it to another container. Wash out the bottle. Pour amber-colored liquid soap (or another soap of your choice) into the Jack Daniel's bottle. Screw the 28/400 soap pump onto the top of the bottle. You now have a nifty Jack Daniel's soap dispenser!





It seems as though everyone suffers from chapped lips during the winter months. What if you could carry your lip balm with you in a stylish way? This DIY lip balm locket offers exactly that! Combine a cool piece of jewelry with a dab of lipstick or tinted lip balm to transform something fashionable into something both beautiful and practical.


You will need:

- a lipstick, lip balm, or lip butter

- a locket of your choice

- a hair dryer

- a kitchen knife

- old newspaper to catch messes (recommended)



Spread old newspaper across your work area. Using your kitchen knife, cut one or two small pieces of lip balm off of a lip balm stick. Tuck them inside the locket and lay the necklace flat on the table. Turn your hair dryer on and set it to low heat. Using the dryer, blow the lip balm inside of the locket. The lip balm should melt and fill out the interior of the locket. Some of the lip balm may splash onto the table. If the locket is not yet full, add slightly more to the locket. Use the dryer on the locket until the inner cavities are filled with lip balm. Wipe any excess lip balm off of the edges and close the locket. Your gift is complete!





This festive and affordable body scrub can be made in just five minutes! The sugar and oil in this scrub make hands and feet super soft. For an easy stocking-stuffer, make this sugar mint scrub!


You will need:

- 2 cups of sugar

- 1/2 cup of coconut oil

- 1 drop of green food coloring

- 1 tablespoon of peppermint extract

- Mason jars

- ribbons, stickers, or other decorations (optional)



Place the coconut oil in a small bowl. Microwave the oil for 20 seconds or until it is soft. Add the 2 cups of sugar to the oil. Add a drop of green food coloring and the tablespoon of peppermint extract. Mix these ingredients together until they are distributed evenly throughout the scrub. Scoop the scrub into your Mason jars. Seal the jars and decorate them with ribbons, stickers, or other holiday decorations.





Most young children enjoy playing the game "Memory." In this game, cards are flipped over until matching pairs are found. With some of your favorite family photographs and a few basic crafting supplies, you can make a fun memory game for a child in your family!


You will need:

- a surface to cut on, such as a cutting mat; old newspaper may work as well

- an X-ACTO cutting knife

- glue or a spray-on adhesive

- 20 to 40 photos, each of which is a duplicate (10 to 20 pairs)

- 20 to 40 wooden or cardboard tiles, roughly 3"x3"

- self-adhesive laminating sheets (optional)

- a small storage tin (optional)



Prepare a crafting area, laying out old newspaper or your cutting mat. Take out your wooden or cardboard tiles and use them to trace a 3"x3" square onto your photos. Using the edges of the tiles as your guide, cut 3"x3" squares out of the photos using your X-ACTO knife. Once you have cut out all of the squares, attach them to the wooden or cardboard tiles using your adhesive. If you would like to make the memory cards more durable, cover the cards in self-adhesive laminating sheets. Cut off any excess lamination sheet around the edges of the cards. Place the cards in a small tin for optimal storage. Your personalized memory game is complete!


Homemade gifts are a great way to save money while spreading festive cheer. Make one of these great gifts for your friends or family members this holiday season.


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