Earn Money With Your Hobbies

Earn Money With Your Hobbies

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What do you like to do in your spare time? Maybe you dabble in the markets, tinkle the ivories or putter in the garden. Most of us have a hobby that gives us pleasure but favorite pastimes can also bring us income. Don't take your skills and knowledge for granted. Not everyone can do what you can do and there are those who will pay you for your talent. Think about what you like to do and with a little effort, you can turn that spare time into spare cash.




No matter what instrument you play, there are markets for your talent. If you are particularly adventurous, pick a busy city corner, take out your instrument and pass the hat. People often love the surprise of street entertainment and will contribute spare change with a smile. Promote yourself and play at office parties and school events.


Knit One, Purl Two

One of the benefits of knitting is that it can be done almost anytime and anywhere, even during a meeting, in front of the television or on the subway. If you pick distinctive yarns and patterns, you can create one of kind wares that will catch the eye of shoppers. Start by selling at school fairs and farmers' markets to introduce your product to the community. Mingle and merchants who may want to feature your craft in their shop. Take photos of your creations and set up a website to promote and sell your work.


Shop ‘Til You Drop

Do you spend every weekend trolling through estate sales and flea markets? If you have a good eye and know how to sort trash from treasure, this hobby can result in a cash return with almost no investment. Look for antique jewellery,family silver and beautiful vintage clothes. Inspect the books on the shelf and magazines on the table. If the sellers haven't inspected titles carefully, you may find first editions and rare copies that collectors will buy for top dollar. All of these items can easily be sold on eBay or through another online site.


Dig Deep

If your green thumb has you digging in the dirt every weekend, you might consider opening a stall at your local farmers' market. Use your creativity and make fresh flower bouquets to sell. Buy or make small flowerpots and sell seedlings from your own garden. Harvest your surplus organic fruits and veggies and set up a roadside stand or strike a deal with a nearby green grocer.


Paws Please

Pet owners need someone they trust to take care of their favorite furry friend. If you have an affinity for animals, pet services can be a great way to earn extra cash. Owners who work long hours worry that their pets are lonely or don't get enough exercise. Being a pet companion or dog walker can be particularly lucrative as several animals can be taken to the dog park or for a hike at the same time. Pet sitting is another option. Consider taking animals into your home while owners are away or stay in the pet's residence where the critter is most comfortable.

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