Fun Summer Water Dates

Fun Summer Water Dates

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The temperature is rising and summer is in full sizzle. When the mercury goes up and it seems too hot to even move, you and your date can cool off with a trip to a local body of water or even by staying close to home to play. Whether you live near an ocean or use the hose to make a waterfall, water dates can add a splash of adventure to your dating routine. Use your imagination and impress your date by suggesting one of the following outings and take advantage of summer in full swing.



Fly high and share an over-water adventure that neither one of you will forget. Parasailing companies usually can be found along the shore of large bodies of water. The two of you can be outfitted together with a parachute and take off either from the shore or from the back of a boat. You'll be hooked to the boat with a long line and the captain will slowly let out the line until you are flying over the water like a human kite. Hold hands and take in the breathtaking views together.


Tide Pooling

Research where to find tide pools in your area. Go for a stroll along the beach and cool off by sitting beside the pools to watch tiny fish, crabs, sea urchins or sea anemone. Share the thrill of discovering a tiny, wet world teaming with life. See which one of you can find the most diverse water creatures. Take care not to crush the critters while walking amid their habitat. As always with wildlife, it is better to look and not touch the animals so you don't damage them.



If you and your date are the adventurous types, book a white-water rafting trip on a nearby river. You can decide how wild you want your ride to be and most rafting companies have experienced guides who can take you downstream to the part of the river that will be just your speed. Some outfits will offer trips that last several days and feature camping or more luxurious overnight accommodations along the bank of the river. Helmets and life jackets are recommended in the event that you fall out of the raft.



For a quieter water outing, rent a boat or hire a captain to take you fishing. You could consider deep-sea fishing excursion or float along in a local lake. You don't need to be a fishing expert to enjoy drifting along the water with a fishing pole and a cold drink. This low-key outing can be a lovely way to spend a summer afternoon together. Be prepared for the quiet to end in an instant because feeling a fish tug on your line is exhilarating for every fisher. Get your camera ready to capture the moment when you reel in your catch.


Jet Skiing

If you prefer speed and the wind in your hair, rent a jet ski and take off. Jet skis are easy to find and relatively simple to operate. Talk with your date about how fast to travel before you take off. Tell your date to wrap her arms tightly around you so you don't leave her behind in the water when you take off. Don't forget to take it easy on the turns and wear life jackets for safety.



You may need to go no further than your own backyard for a relaxing, romantic water date. Pick a starry evening this summer to share a bubbling Jacuzzi with your date and create a soothing, intimate memory together. Add the bubbles from a bottle of champagne and you have everything you need.

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