How to create an appealing Online Dating Profile!

How to create an appealing Online Dating Profile!

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While in the 80's and the 90's it was very hard for retired and older people to meet new people, today it is a completely different picture. Now, also people in their best years have several exciting new options to meet other singles. The most popular and convenient way to make new acquaintances is to register with an online dating site or singles community, that specially caters to people over 50, an exclusive site like 50plus-Club.

After joining a dating site, members are asked to create an online profile, which includes posting a nice photo and filling out some questions. Since a good self-presentation is crucial for your success, you must invest a bit of energy to create a solid and interesting self-description.

Here are our five tips to create a great online dating profile:


Profile Photo

Whether it is fair or not, people judge one another by their physical appearance. When creating a profile, you should  upload some nice appealing photos showing you doing various things. For your main profile photo use a nice, good quality portrait-style photo that clearly shows your face. You can then add a few more pictures to your personal gallery. These photos can be further head shots or photos that show you carrying out your favorite activities,  photos of your pet, garden or your best vacation shots. Remember, when people visit your profile, they will first look at the picture. If you do not have a photo or your photo is not appealing they will move onto the next profile in a second. Don't let that happen to you, add a nice photo to get noticed!


Show off

For your online dating success it is crucial to accentuate your positive traits and good characteristics. When writing your personal description, write a brief introduction about yourself and point out what makes you different and unique. Don't use the words "I hate this" or "I hate that". That will make you look negative and pessimistic and scare others away. Describe your lifestyle hobbies and likes and what you like to do in your free time. That way your potential partner will be able to imagine his or her life with you. You can even ask questions and initiate a dialogue that way.


Be Honest

In the online dating world people sometimes are over-exaggerating about their appearance or financial success. Always remain truthful in your  profile and messages. That way you won't have to worry about the awkward moment when you have to reveal the truth. Contacts built on lies are really not going to last. Imagine going to the first date after posting a profile photo where you look 15 years younger and 30 pounds lighter! So it is a no-brainer to tell the truth in your profile.


Define your Goals

Some users do not define their goals in the dating world. To attract the right partner, you should define what you are looking for. For example, some people on Internet dating sites want a long-term partner while others are looking for casual dating partners. Define your wants and come up with goals. When you send out a clear message, your chances will significantly increase in attracting the partner you are seeking.


Ask for Help

If you're stumped with your self-description, don't hesitate to ask a friend for advice. They will point out  what makes you different and unique and you'll gain valuable insight into your current profile and get some useful tips on how to improve it. Remember, in the online dating world, it is often necessary to tweak things occasionally to keep it interesting and fresh.


Whether you are looking for a partner or just new friends registering with 50plus-Club is the way to go. With a solid profile description and an appealing photo, you'll very quickly make new connections and meet someone special.


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