Keeping Occupied During Corona Self-Quarantine

Keeping Occupied During Corona Self-Quarantine

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In the past week, the exponential spread of the novel coronavirus worldwide has changed the daily lives of individuals around the globe. Schools have closed, and many nations have severely restricted travel, public gatherings, and the opening hours of many businesses. The pandemic must be taken seriously, particularly by older adults. Other than shopping for essentials, individuals should strive to stay at home as much as possible.If there’s a low chance that you’ve been exposed to the virus, you will likely want to self-monitor, checking yourself for symptoms such as fever or a cough on a daily basis. If, however, you were in more direct contact with an ill individual or are at high risk for developing more serious symptoms, you may be required to self-quarantine, staying at home and away from other people for as much as possible for a two week period of time.Self-quarantining, along with good hygiene such as frequent hand washing, are some of the best ways to reduce the spread of coronavirus. If you’re stuck at home, however, you may quickly find yourself growing bored. Here are a few ways to pass the time if you are quarantined at home.



Digitally Reconnect with Friends & Family


Many of us have friends and family members we haven’t seen in a while. Many of us are busy or live far apart, and simply haven’t found the time to speak with those we care about. As a result of the coronavirus, many individuals are currently at home, or are home more often than they usually are. Take advantage of this, and reach out to one or two people you haven’t spoken to in a while! Pick up the receiver and enjoy an “old fashioned” phone call. If you’re looking to see someone smile, sit down with your computer or cell phone and make a video call via Skype, WhatsApp, or FaceTime. If you have the time and feel like it, consider penning a handwritten letter to someone you care about. There’s a good chance that many of us will feel a bit lonely or isolated in the weeks to come. Give an old friend a call and make their day!



Get Fit for the Summer


Even if the gym and pool remain closed, you can still work on improving your health and your figure. Modern technology makes it easier than ever to get fit at home. Now is the perfect time to try out a new form of physical activity. At home you don’t have to feel embarrassed to try something new; there’s no muscular fitness gurus to judge you from across the gym! Pull up a YouTube tutorial for beginner’s yoga, or search for a simple aerobic or strength training workout. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to dance, seek out a step-by-step video guide. If you take care to avoid contact with others, you might consider going for walks, runs, or bike rides outdoors, too. Instead of spending your time in quarantine on the couch, use this time to improve your physical fitness.



Challenge Your Brain


Keep your mind in shape with an at-home workout, too! Pull out an old jigsaw puzzle and work on it. Maybe you’ll finally have the time to put together 1,000 pieces or more! If you’d rather work with a pencil and paper, try sudoku, a crossword puzzle, or a word search. If you have a mechanical puzzle, such as a Rubik’s Cube, sitting around, see if you can finally crack it. Your brain will be glad for the workout!



Make Progress on a Creative Project


Living in such a fast-paced, highly-connected world isn’t always good for our creativity. When was the last time you wrote a story or a poem, crafted something, or redecorated a room? Pick up a creative project that you never finished, or start something new. Play a musical instrument or make up a song of your own. If you’ve always wanted to write a novel, start now, and commit to writing 500 words a day. Pull out some old crafting supplies, or recycle household paper and plastic to create new decorations to celebrate spring or Easter. Perhaps you’ll find that the peace and quiet sparks your creativity. When the pandemic has passed, you’ll be glad that you did something special with your time.



Learn Something New


Many schools around the globe are considering offering online classes as a means of preventing the virus from spreading. Use this time to learn something new, too! Download a language-learning app and study a foreign language. By the time we’re able to travel again, you might have mastered some of the basics! Enroll in an online course on a website like Coursera, or listen to an informative podcast on a subject you know little about. By opening your mind, you’ll become a more informed citizen of the world.



Put Your 50plus-Club Profile to Good Use!


Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you have to feel isolated! Quarantine is the perfect excuse for staying at home and focusing on your digital love life. Spend your time improving your 50plus-Club profile. Upload a new profile picture, update your personal information and biography, and write messages to a few singles who happen to catch your eye. Though you might not be able to meet up in person yet, it’s a great time to practice the art of written romance. You might make a new friend, or get lucky and meet the love of your life!



Additional Ideas


There are truly so many things that can be done at home. If you have a reliable internet connection, your options are practically limitless. Download digital copies of books you’ve been meaning to read, and add them to your e-book reader, tablet, or phone. Start a new television series, or watch a few long movies. Practice daily meditation, bake something, or organize your kitchen or bedroom. Set aside some time to reflect on your goals and dreams for the future. Reflect on your past, and write down a few things that you’re grateful for. Learn a new card game, or teach yourself how to do a magic trick with a deck of cards. Don’t forget to take the time to breathe deeply, eat well, and rest. Most of us are worried about the virus and the ways it is affecting our world. It’s important to be cautious but remain calm. By taking care of ourselves and keeping our distance from others, we can do our part to limit the effects of the pandemic. 



In Conclusion:


Most of us are now well aware of the risks of the novel coronavirus. Don’t put others at risk of getting sick. Protect yourself and others by staying at home and limiting your contact with other individuals. By doing so, you can do your part in limiting the effects of the pandemic. 




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Editor, 03/19/2020