New Year's Resolution: Stop Being Alone, Find Someone Special in 2014

New Year's Resolution: Stop Being Alone, Find Someone Special in 2014

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Making a new start?

If you want to turn your resolution into reality it is helpful to consider some factors influencing attraction. The advice from relationship experts is to look for friends rather than partners. If you are over 50 it is likely that you have a wealth of experiences and interests. Why not use some of these to guide your search for new friends?



We like familiar faces

Psychologists studying attraction have consistently found that we are drawn to people we interact with frequently. The more often interact, the more likely is the development of strong positive feelings. Consider starting the process by increasing your participation in groups. Whether you like foreign films or disco dancing, there is normally an organized group near you for every conceivable interest. You can also enroll on a short course or a new sport at your local community college. If you are interested in volunteering or serving a special cause, there are a lot of organizations and advocacy groups you turn to. And if you simply want to mingle and just meet some new faces you can join an online dating site or community like 50plus-Club.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you keep up your attendance so you become a familiar person to others. Remember, familiarity breeds liking.


Birds of a feather do flock together

Researchers have confirmed that we are attracted to others who are similar to ourselves. If you concentrate on making contacts with people who share your hobby or passion, you get a flying start to making friends. Why wouldn't we admire someone who seems to have similar tastes to ourselves? Search for people who share your attitudes and you will find communication easier. This is very important in the early stages when you may not have a lot of confidence. At the very least, you will be rewarded with a group of new acquaintances who share your enthusiasms. With the growth of the internet it is no longer necessary to restrict the search to your local community. There are 1000's of like-minded people out there in cyberspace.


Mange your networks

Follow the example of some of the top entrepreneurs and 'network'. Your new friends will possibly introduce you to other interesting people. Whether you network is online or offline, it is important to appreciate that relationships involve time and attention. Make a habit of renewing contact with people you haven't seen for a while and you may be surprised at how much you enjoy their company.

Most of our new friendships will remain just friends but, if the psychologists are right, the likelihood of finding a partner within those friends is high. We will find ourselves drawn to those people we have worked with, studied with, swapped confidences with and so built up some sort of shared history. If we find some of our new acquaintances are not worth continuing with, it is relatively easy to withdraw at an early stage without causing offence.


Look forward to new friendships

Keep an open mind about the possibility of romance, but avoid being too focused on it. At the very least, you will have nurtured a new set of like-minded friends who will provide you with support and entertainment. Enjoy a very sociable 2014!



Editor, 12/26/2013