Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist

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When the spring sun begins to shine brightly, the dust bunnies under the bed become easier to see. The truth is, while you can spring clean any time of year, an annual spring spruce-up is a tradition. The arrival of the season is a great reminder to sweep out the cobwebs and do the little jobs that never seem to get done.




Dust Up

Get the ladder and dust all the ceiling fans, chandeliers and the frames above windows and doors. Use an old cotton sock on your hand and wipe thoroughly. You'll be amazed at how much dust collects above eye-level.


Squeaky Clean

There's nothing like bright sunlight to show how dirty your windows really are. Winter weather can leave your windows sooty, streaked and ready for a rinse. For a cheap, non-toxic way to make your windows sparkle, try using an old-fashioned solution of vinegar and water, and wipe the glass with wads of newspaper.


Closet Clutter

Move your wool sweaters and heavy coats into storage and bring out the cottons, linens and bright colors. Use a critical eye while re-organizing, and take the opportunity to dump clothes that are stained, torn, or no longer fit. There is no point in storing these until next winter. Hold a garage sale or donate your unwanted clothing to a homeless shelter or other organization.


Wood Wellness

Wood paneling, doors, windowsills and cabinets can begin to look dull and show finger marks over time. Use mineral oil, orange oil or another wood oil, and go over the wood in your house with a soft cloth. With a little effort, all that wood trim will come to life. Look for nicks in the wood and use a touch-up product to fill them in.


Vacuum Chores

Get out your vacuum hose attachments and put them to work. First take your furniture's pillows outside and beat them to remove dust. Then vacuum curtains, cushions and all parts of your upholstered furniture. While you have the vacuum out, use it to remove dust from your refrigerator coils to help the unit function more efficiently. Remove dust from your dryer vent and hose as a build-up of lint can pose a fire hazard.


Use Muscle

Get help moving heavy pieces such as beds and chests to remove the dust that has accumulated behind them all year. If some pieces cannot be moved, use a long-handled dust mop to do the job.


Beat It

Take your area rugs outside and give them a good beating with a broom to remove excess grime. Do the same with your outdoor mats. Put all washable rugs and mats into the machine to freshen them.


Summer Prep

You may not have even looked at your barbecues or lounged in a patio chair since September. If this is the case, your deck or patio probably needs attention. Use a little bleach and water to clean out fountains and birdbaths. Clean the gunk off your grill. You'll need a wire brush, steel wool, and stainless steel cleaner to freshen it for entertaining this summer. Stock up on propane tanks or charcoal so you'll be ready for impromptu summer barbecues.


Patio Perfect

While you are on the patio, inspect your outdoor furniture. Winter weather can crack wooden furniture and rust metal items. Most outdoor furniture can be washed with water and mild detergent. A coat of baby oil can renew aluminum furniture. A little sanding may be needed if iron furniture is rusty.

Editor, 05/10/2012