Top Cell Phone Apps for Better Health

Top Cell Phone Apps for Better Health

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As you age, you will find that it is more essential than ever to keep on top of your health. This is made easier these days due to the number of great mobile apps that can be downloaded right to your smartphone. The apps are literally right at your fingertips and can really prove to be useful, whether you want to check your heart rate, maintain healthy cholesterol levels, lose weight or just obtain helpful information on your overall health. Here are the top health apps across multiple smartphone platforms in detail.



iTriage is a free app that is available for iPhone that was created by a pair of ER doctors. It can answer all of your questions regarding your medical health, such as on the status of your health and where you should go for medical treatment. Read up on symptoms and their potential causes, search for a doctor quickly and scan through a variety of diseases, conditions, medications and medical procedures. Download the app here.


Instant Heart Rate Pro

Instant Heart Rate Pro is $1.99 at Google Play and is hailed as the most accurate heart rate monitor app for smartphones. It is accurate as it’s been tested by doctors, nurses, fitness coaches and more. It is easy to use and has a great user interface. Download the app here.



MyFitnessPal is free and is useful for anyone who is trying to lose weight. Count your daily calories by using the largest mobile food database. Download the app here.


Weight Watchers Mobile

Weight Watchers Mobile is free and provides you with the best and easiest way to track your food intake, activity and weight as a Weight Watchers member or lifetime member. Review your weight loss with comprehensive charts. Download the app here.


Runtastic Pedometer PRO

Runtastic Pedometer PRO is 99 cents and is a great app to track your progress when you go out walking. It tracks how many steps you take and is a great way to assist you in losing weight or just maintaining your fitness level. Download the app here.



WebMD is a free app that allows you to make decisions regarding your health in a snap. There is a database of symptoms, drugs and treatments and information regarding first aid and local health listings. You can access all the information you need even when you don’t have Internet access. Download the app here.


Step Counter

Step Counter is free and includes a clean and easy to use user interface. It counts your steps accurately in terms of distance, speed, pace and calories burned. Download the app here.



Emergency Kit is free and is a great tool for keeping a database of all of your medical information in the event of an emergency. Track whether you have allergies and what you are allergic to, emergency contacts, notes on the most important information regarding your health and much more. Download the app here.



VitaminWorld is a free app that consists of a database of foods and which vitamins can be obtained from them. There are also useful facts on each vitamin. Download the app here.

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