Unusual July Holidays to Celebrate!

Unusual July Holidays to Celebrate!

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July may feel like a month without much worth celebrating. After Americans finish celebrating Independence Day on July 4th, it can feel as though the month is simply one, long, unending heat spell!Instead of just sitting in front of your fan sweating for the rest of the month, take the time to celebrate some of the unusual, lesser-known holidays taking place this July. Here are just a few of the dates most worth celebrating.



July 1st-7th: Clean Beaches Week


July is the best month to hit the beach. Instead of simply visiting the beach to lounge on the sand, consider bringing a few garbage bags along with you, too. Contribute to the popular online #TrashTag movement by taking a picture of a stretch of beach where litter is apparent. Then, get to work cleaning up the trash and litter left by other beach-goers. After a little hard work, get clean by diving into the water. Once you’ve done your part in saving the environment, take the time to relax on the beach, enjoying the sun and the sand. You’ve earned it!


July 6th: International Kissing Day & Fried Chicken Day


Celebrate both food and romance on July 6th! Enjoy a day of passion and indulgence with a special someone.

In the evening, you can have fried chicken any way you wish! Make homemade fried chicken and enjoy a summertime barbeque, or simply pick up a bucket of drumsticks from KFC. You’ll be licking both your fingers and your lips when the day is through!



July 10th: Kitten Day


Kittens are some of the world’s most adorable creatures. Kittens, as well as adult cats, are absolutely worth celebrating! Start your day off by enjoying a YouTube compilation of funny cat videos. If you have a cat of your own, take the time to pamper them with extra snacks and playtime. Take a moment to really appreciate your furry friend. 


If you don’t own a cat, you can consider looking into ways in which you can support cats and kittens in your local community. Shelters are almost always looking for donations. Consider making a financial donation, or purchasing food or supplies that a shelter needs. If you’re an animal lover, take the time to consider whether you might be interested in adopting or fostering a cat. No matter where you live, there are likely both cats and kittens in need of loving homes. Consider visiting a shelter to see the pets available for adoption. You just might discover a new furry best friend!



July 12th: Simplicity Day


Most of us can admit that our lives are more cluttered and complicated than we’d like them to be! On July 12th, take some time to consider the ways in which you could simplify your life. In addition to tidying up your home, consider setting up systems that will allow you to make your life simpler and more manageable in the future. Plan your week in advance, writing things down on your calendar. Make daily to-do lists. Research meals before going shopping, and set up weekly meal plans. Clear away the clutter in your life by deleting apps you don’t use on your phone, and tidying up your email inbox.


Simplify your mind, too. Slow down, and take the time to breathe. Consider practicing a few minutes of meditation each day. As you become more proficient in meditation, you’ll begin developing a greater sense of mental calm and clarity. Integrate a form of exercise you enjoy into your daily routine. By streamlining your schedule, clearing away the clutter, and integrating healthy new habits into your daily life, you can make your future one of greater peace and simplicity. 



July 15th: Give Something Away Day


Once you’ve cleared away the clutter on Simplicity Day, you’ll likely already have something prepared for Give Something Away Day. By decluttering your home, you’ll likely find items worth donating or giving to a friend or family member. If you truly have nothing to share, consider “giving away” your money by donating to a charitable cause that’s dear to your heart. If you’d like to make things more personal, buy a box of chocolates to give as a thank-you gift to a friendly neighbor, mailman, or service worker. By giving something away, you’ll receive a feeling of inner satisfaction in return!



July 18th: World Listening Day


In our self-centered world, many of us spend more time talking than listening. If you know you’re a chatty person, make an effort today to reflect on your listening skills. Do you frequently cut others off in conversation? Do you sometimes only half-listen to others while checking your phone? Really focus on your listening skills today. Almost all of us could become better listeners in one way or another. If you’re in a romantic relationship, focus on the ways in which you listen to your partner. Are you hearing not just their words, but also the meaning behind them? In the future, strive to make every day a day of genuine listening.



July 21st: Junk Food Day


Forget about your bikini figure for a day and celebrate Junk Food Day! Take a day to indulge in your favorite guilty pleasure without feeling any guilt whatsoever. Grab a cheeseburger and fries from a fast food restaurant or enjoy a whole bag of potato chips on your own. Eat a candy bar and enjoy a soft drink or two. If you’re trying to beat the summer heat, you can enjoy a full banana split or milkshake, too. After all, July is also Ice Cream Month! Vegetables will still be there for you tomorrow. For today, enjoy some junk food! 



July 30th: International Day of Friendship


In our quest to find love, many of us put our friendships on the back-burner. Today, take the time to reach out to your friends and show them how much you appreciate them. Call up your best friends on the phone or meet up in person. You likely know your closest friends better than almost anyone. What would bring smiles to their faces? Treat them to something special, and let them know just how much you appreciate their friendship. Buy them a special little gift, or treat them to a meal at their favorite restaurant. We treat our romantic partners to gifts and fun dates; why shouldn’t we do the same for our friends?! Celebrate International Friendship Day on July 30th, and continue showing your friends your appreciation on a daily basis! These close bonds are the ones that will last a lifetime.


In Conclusion:

You don’t need to wait until December to enjoy a month full of festive joy. You can celebrate some of these lesser-known July holidays, and look up other fun days worth celebrating in the months ahead. There’s always something worth celebrating, or a cause worth acknowledging. Make every day special by celebrating these unique holidays and many more. 



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