Visit Munich - It's Oktoberfest Time

Visit Munich - It's Oktoberfest Time

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The 16 day funfair is the best thing about Munich and that is really saying something because this German city has a lot to offer. The 6 million attendees of this fest from last year are proof that the numbers keep rising but so does the fun factor. Not just Europe but the entire world is geared up for the Oktoberfest and that is not without reason. Following are 5 things that everyone must do during the Oktoberfest.




Munich Visit - It's the Oktoberfest and that means that this is the right time to stop being stingy and enjoy your days. The farmer's market is a must-stop with great regional fresh foods. Don't forget to take a leisurely stroll in the English Garden which would make you forget NYC's Central Park. The German Museum is a place that science lovers might enjoy. For a great view of Munich, make a stop at The Catholic Cathedral.


Neuschwanstein Castle Tour - This castle is every fairytale come alive with the perfect scenery, artifacts and backdrop. The view down the valley is spectacular and just the location of this castle is so gorgeous, you never want to leave it. This 19th century beauty was built by Bavaria's Ludwig II and its Romanesque architecture will be a treat for lovers of history. When it comes to Europe's popular buildings, Neuschwanstein Castle is right on top of the list with its idyllic atmosphere and the craggy hill. Did you know that Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle was modeled on Neuschwanstein Castle?


Beer Time at Hofbräuhaus - The festivities of Oktoberfest are fun but after a few days, you would want to come out for some alone time. That is a bit of an overstatement for Hofbräuhaus where 1000 drinkers can easily drink their woes away at one time. This beer hall is laced with traditions and was built back in 1589 as Hofbräu brewery's extension. The heart of the Hofbräuhaus is where the drinker's assemble and this place is called Schwemme or taproom. Don't forget to try the Bavarian traditional cheese spread called Obazda with some bread or pretzel.


Other things to do during the Oktoberfest include trying the finest beers of Munich when the tents open. Don't forget the Costume parade of the festival on the first Sunday. You can also visit Marienplatz, the 12th century square, with its glorious festivals and markets. The arches and turrets will take you back in time but the Oktoberfest's festivities will bring you back to the 21st century with fun, mirth and beer!


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