Success Story

Success Story

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Today, 10 October, 2016, I cancelled my Premium subscription for the simple reason that I am now engaged.Here is proof that even seniors in their early seventies, and beyond, can find love and banish loneliness.

I (we) believe that our story is exceptional in that from the second contact on, we fully trusted each other and that is what enabled us to open up about our lives.This trust enabled us to quickly exchange phone numbers and e-mail addresses and to continue our dialogue.

After barely three months it had become clear that we had much more in common than either of us had ever imagined and that there was the yearning to meet.The problem was the big pond between Canada and Europe.  To resolve this dilemma, I invited her to come to Canada and bought her a plane ticket.Subsequently, we spent almost an entire month together, visiting the Rockies and the Prairies.

In hindsight we are certain that Amor must have lurked out there for quite some time because after two weeks, we had become fully aware that we were destined for a life together.

Our engagement was a quiet affair.  We are now working on the logistics of immigration and at one time or another during this process, we will get married. 

Foto @Lake Louise, AB

Editor, 10/11/2016