Success Story

Success Story

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One day a lady received a smile from a gentleman on 50plus-Club. She responded by sending a smile back. The next message was an invite for coffee. The lady accepted, however, it was such hot muggy weather last July 2013, the lady suggested an iced tea instead. The gentleman agreed and they planned to rendez-vous at a public place where there was a gazebo and running fountain. The appointed day and time arrived and the lady brought her dog. After a 2 and a half hour 'chat' they both realized that they had similar interests and both left feeling pretty good.


The gentleman messaged her again and the next time they went to a restaurant and had a bite to eat. Afterwards he took her to a park with a fountain and a beautiful beach. Well, that sent her heart soaring as she loves natural surroundings and the water.


The third time about three weeks later, he asked her to go for a drive and this time she prepared a picnic lunch and they went to that same beach and they had a marvelous time. That Sunday a band was playing and it just seemed to fit perfectly with the day. And so began their courtship.


Now, the success story is that this July they are getting married in that same park, by the fountain, with their children, family and a few close friends. It will be an informal affair and yes, it will have a picnic by the beach. Afterward the couple are honeymooning for two weeks at a cottage on another lake, with a beach, of course!


We wanted to share our story, our joy and happiness to show you that it can happen on this site! Honest was about to stop his membership and had decided to have one last look and that's when he saw my photo. I was just new last year having just moved here into my new apt. and though wasn't really looking, thought, if it happens, it happens. They often say when you aren't looking is when you find love. I wanted to make friends as I didn't know anyone here except for one person.


We wish everyone here success in finding what you are looking for, friendship or relationship and love.


Thanks 50plus-Club, this is a good friendship and dating site.


Honest and Seashells


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