Be A Savvy Traveller - 10 Ways to Save as You Travel

Be A Savvy Traveller - 10 Ways to Save as You Travel

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Travelling is fun and exciting; it is an opportunity to embark on a journey to discover new places and cultures. However, travelling also is expensive. That is why you need to turn into a savvy traveller, who knows how to save money without compromising on the quality of the trip. Being a savvy traveller does not necessarily mean looking for cheap travel trips. Rather, it involves being smart, so that you get the maximum for your money.



1. Carry Your ID: Whether you are travelling within the UK or abroad, always carry your photo identity with you. If you are over 50, there are many places where you will be able to get reduced rates. These include hotels, shopping and even museums. Even retired military personnel are given preferential rates in many of these places. Do not feel embarrassed to ask whether you are entitled to a discount on account of your age.


2. Use Other Means of Transport from the Airport: Getting into a taxi is one of the most convenient ways to reach your destination after your flight lands. However, this also can be expensive. You can save some money by checking other means of transportation. Many airports have free shuttle services that you can use.


3. Tap on Your Network: Find friends and acquaintances who are from the country or city you intend holidaying in. You can tap on their knowledge to find out the best time to visit the city and how to get the best airfares. You also can ask them for safe and clean places to stay; such places are usually not mentioned in guidebooks and offer outstanding personalised service that will make you feel right at home.


4. Do Not Opt for Money Exchange: Exchanging money prior to your holiday or after returning from your holiday will lead to a loss. Always withdraw money from an ATM machine. This way money will be debited from your account based on the exchange rate for that particular day. And, if you use a partner bank’s ATM, you will not incur withdrawal fees, thereby saving money. Also make sure that you carry a credit card, just in case.


5. Water Bottle: Bottled water in any part of the world is expensive. By carrying your own water bottle, you will save money and also do your bit for the environment. Just fill up your bottle at the hotel before you head out for sightseeing.


6. Save on Airfare: Try to book your flight for off season, as it will be cheaper. Most people usually book their travel for high season travel times, meaning expensive airfares during this period. If you are looking for best fares, skip mid and late summer and christmas time.


7. Snack Time: Airports are notorious for having exorbitant prices when it comes to snacks, foods and beverages. If you have a long wait between flights, it is best to carry your own snacks to munch on. You can carry biscuits, raisins, almonds and other dried fruits to satisfy your hunger pangs, or when you want to nibble.


8. iPhone: If you are an iPhone user, carrying it with you on your holiday will be extremely advantageous. You can avail thousands of free or near-free travel apps to make your trip more interesting and comfortable. And, if you are travelling abroad, download maps and guide application that do not require you to use your phone, as international charges for phone and Internet usage can be quite expensive. And, if there are hotspots where you can connect to free Wi-Fi, you can Skype from your smartphone to call friends and family back home. It can be quite affordable. Just make sure that you load your Skype account with some money before your departure.


9. Gifts and Souvenirs: It is mandatory that you bring back gifts and souvenirs for family and friends. So, check out the chocolates, cookies and wines at the local grocery stores. The local grocery stores often offer the same quality and cost only a fraction of the fancy souvenir store items. Such store brand food items make excellent gifts, allow your family and friends to try out a foreign delicacy.


10. Sightseeing: Enjoy activities, such as harbour, river, lake or fjord boat tours to have a relaxing and rejuvenating time. If you are too tired to go sightseeing, check out whether the hotel you are staying at has some activities for senior guests. It is best to opt for one day of active sightseeing, followed by one day of peace and rest. This will help you recharge your batteries.


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