What to See in Dublin, Ireland

What to See in Dublin, Ireland

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Dublin, Ireland is one of the best places on the planet to visit if you want a relaxing vacation that gives you plenty of opportunities to take in some incredible sights and sounds. There is a lot of history in Dublin, a ton of incredible food, and a plethora of breathtaking views. Dublin is also great because it can be experienced somewhat inexpensively, unlike a lot of other European destinations. The following is a list of experiences that will make your trip to Dublin unforgettable.


Temple Bar

Temple Bar is one of the most charming neighborhoods in Dublin. Walk down cobblestone streets and admire classic architecture as you dip in and out of various art galleries and museums. Temple Bar is the best place in Dublin to go for an evening after-dinner walk.


Dublin Castle

While not exactly a medieval fortress with battlements and a moat, Dublin castle is where all of the most important meetings in Ireland take place. Similar to the White House in America, you can tour the interior and exterior of this impressive building complex.


St. Patricks Day

While this only happens once a year (March 17), St. Patricks Day in Dublin is not to be missed. The city fills with a certain buzz that cannot be felt anywhere else in the world. While the parade features some of the world's greatest street performers, St. Patricks Day in Dublin is worth it just for the atmosphere alone.


Trinity College

Founded in 1592, Trinity College was once the home of Oscar Wilde and many other great minds. The architecture is absolutely beautiful, and just walking around the campus taking it in is a great way to spend a day.


The Science Gallery

While you're at Trinity College, you must check out the Science Gallery. Full of mind-blowing technology and demonstrations, this Dublin destination aims to show the world how truly far we have come. The Science Gallery is like a portal into the future, right in the middle of Dublin.


Dubh Linn Gardens

This is the home of the Dubh Linn (dark pool) itself- the one from which the city draws its name, that is. This is a well-hidden tourist destination, but it is a fantastic spot to have a picnic or go for a stroll. You can almost feel the Celtic magic flowing through the gardens, so don't skip them!


The Loft Market

This is the best place to shop for designer clothes in Dublin. It's worth walking through the indoor market just to experience the artsy, high-fashion environment, but don't be surprised if you find a few unique items that you like.


The Bald Barista

Hands-down the best place for an espresso in Dublin. Independently owned, this cozy cafe is a great place to stop early in the morning or after dinner- or really during any other time of day.


Chapter One

One of the finest places to eat in Dublin, Chapter One offers a fine-dining experience with an affordable price tag. You can sample many traditional Irish dishes here as well as modern favorites.


The Porterhouse

One cannot visit Dublin without sampling some of the impeccable local beer. The Porterhouse is the oldest microbrewery pub in the city, and you will be spoiled by the excellent alcohol and to-die-for pub food, both of which are incredibly affordable.

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